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10 Days International Workshop on

Computer-Aided Drug Design

Learn from the experts

From: 21 Jun 2023

Online Workshop


Meet our Panel


Vikram Dalal, Ph.D.

Post doctoral Fellow

Washington University St. Louis


Dr. Dalal is working on the structural mechanism of agonists and antagonistic modulations of membrane ion channels. He has expertise in structural biology, structural bioinformatics, and structure-based drug design. He will share his experience of structure-based drug designing via insight into molecular modeling, virtual screening, pharmacophore modeling, and ADMET analysis.

Visit his profiles to learn more.

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Poonam Dhankhar, Ph.D.

Post doctoral Associate

Weill Cornell Medicine,


Dr. Dhankhar is investigating the structure and function of membrane transporters associated with human diseases. She has expertise in structural biology, molecular biology, and protein biochemistry. She will share her experience in structural biology and biochemistry via insights into X-ray crystallography and lead optimization.

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Sandeep Dhanda.jpg

Sandeep Kumar Dhanda, Ph.D.

Bioinformatics Research Scientist

St Jude Children's Research Hospital

Memphis, USA

Dr. Dhanda has published more than 50 articles in high-impact journals and has developed dozen of heavily cited tools. He will be sharing his experience in indroducting the concept, databases, resources in drug design, machine learning methods in this field.



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All sessions will be held on:

  • 6:00 PM IST (New Delhi)

  • 12:30 PM GMT (London)

  • 2:30 PM SAST (Johannesburg)

  • 8:30 AM EST (New York)




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