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Three weeks Internship cum training program on

Bioinfomatics Core Skills

Learn from the experts

From: 09 Jan 2023

Online training


Meet our Panel


Jasmine Kaur, M.Tech

Junior Scientist

PopVax Pvt Ltd,

Hyderabad, India

Ms. Kaur received her bachelor's degree from the University of Delhi. She holds a dual master's degree in zoology and bioinformatics. She is presently working at PopVax as a junior scientist in PopVax which is developing a second-generation mRNA platform for vaccines and medicines. She is skilled in structural bioinformatics, homology modeling, molecular docking, and molecular dynamics simulations, all of which are involved in the drug discovery and design process

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Sandeep Dhanda.jpg

Sandeep Kumar Dhanda, Ph.D.

Bioinformatics Research Scientist

St Jude Children's Research Hospital

Memphis, USA

Dr. Dhanda has published more than 50 articles in high-impact journals and has developed dozen of heavily cited tools. He will be sharing his experience in Bioinformatics core skills and their application across different technologies.



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Dilraj Kaur, Ph.D.

Technical data specialist

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS, Poland

Dr. Kaur's doctoral research mainly focuses on the field of healthcare informatics, specifically immune-informatics. Currently, she is working on the role of innate immune receptors in various cancer types. Also, she has developed multiple databases and in-silico prediction tools related to innate immunity.



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All sessions will be held on:

  • 7:00 PM IST (New Delhi)

  • 1:30 PM GMT (London)

  • 3:30 PM SAST (Johannesburg)

  • 8:30 AM EST (New York)





Week 1

Working with Linux

  • Operating Systems

  • Linux Commands

  • File handling

  • Bash scripting

  • Software Installation

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Image by Sai Kiran Anagani

Week 3

Web App Development

  • Choosing App

  • Web language

  • Mysql and Data management

  • Building Database

  • Bioinformatics Apps

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Image by John Schnobrich

Week 2

Python Programming

  • Data Types

  • Loops

  • Biopython

  • Python for stats

  • Visualization/plots

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Why should you join?

  • Interactive Sessions

  • Participation E-Certificate

  • Expert Speakers

  • Meaningful Networking

  • Workshop Materials

  • Focus on Learning

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